Sunday Conference 12.16.12

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana...

A Dedication to Connecticut's Victimes, Families and Friends
28 Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations:  Physical prayer; a prayer of love, strength, healing and courage.

Diana's "dream debate" with Buddha regarding the Four Noble Truths

  1. Life is suffering;
  2. Cause of suffering;
  3. Cessation of suffering is attainable;
  4. End the suffering.
Add the Fifth Noble Truth:  Life is Beautiful

Love is the answer.
Love is the gift.
First, you must love yourself.

Sankalpa: is a chosen resolution with the potential to release tremendous power by clearly defining and focusing on a chosen goal, intention.  The form of a short phrase or sentence clearly and concisely expressed, using the same wording each time to bring positive change into one's life.

From Diana;
Our world needs love.  Love is the most powerful gift we have to give.  However you pray, pray to send love.  Love that gives strength, courage and healing.  During challenging times, it is the one beautiful thing we can all give.  

I invite everyone to bring stones to the shall this week.  We will stack stones for the children, for all the victims, for the families and loved ones.  The stones will represent our prayers of love.

Lastly, our Shala's tradition of prayers and mung beans.  As one holds a handful of the beans touching each other, it shows the connectedness in life. 

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