Sunday Conference: 12.9.12

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Daina...

Why Hurry?

In a Sunday Mysore practice, 5-6 years ago with Guruji, there was a student who was always one count ahead of everyone else in the led class.  Towards the end of the class, Guruji approached the student and asked, "Why hurry?"  Dumbfounded, the student responded, "I don't know."  Afterwards, every student was in sync with the breath and count.

Why Hurry?
  • Be Present - in the moment
  • Focus - be grounded in life
  • Enjoy the process
  • No judgement
  • Training the mind

Things to remember and revisit from Sunday's Conference:

  • Geshe Norbu was asked to "teach me how to meditate." His response, "Easy to teach; difficult to practice."
  • Citing book 7: How Many Days of the Week Can Be Extraordinary,  it's not necessarily in time, but in doing and action.  It's how to LIVE your life.  How to make it special for yourself.

 Lastly, think of Guruji's two simple words during this 
holiday season.

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