Sunday Conference: 1.20.13

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana...

Sunday, February 10 will be a Chinese New Year 
Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui

  • Everything in our lives has energy; move the old, stale energy out

  • Our Ashtanga practice is a moving energy exercise to remove the “grunties” (blockages)

  • We will have a discussion on the significance and importance of the 7 chakras

  • Continued conference on engaging and energizing our FEET and HEAD for more energy flow; examples: Paschimottanasana and trikonasana)

  • Correct alignment with inward hip rotation, alignment of feet/toes and hips; particularly in upward facing dog and urdhva dhanurasana

More on Struggle

Sthira- sukha (steadiness/strength – lightness/softness)
The mind can be the most challenging aspect.

Homework:  Become the “looking bird” and observe when you are
in struggle, not only in your practice, but also in your daily life

Weekly Message

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