Advanced Sadhana Workshop

Advanced Sadhana: The Psychology of a Traditional Practice

Literally “a means of accomplishing something”, is an ego-transcending spiritual practice.  It includes a variety of disciplines in Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Muslim traditions that are followed in order to achieve various spiritual or ritual objectives

Friday, March 15
6 – 8pm
Sadhana – The Gift
Discipline, Dedication and Devotion teachings and discussion on Abhyasa.  Teaching & discussion on the Bhagavad Gita.
Optional vegetarian dinner.

Saturday, March 16
11am – 4:30pm
Dancing With The Practice
Are you serving the asana or is the asana serving you?
Teaching & discussion on the beauty of the long-term practice / Abhyasa
Adjustment teachings & demonstrations
Discussion & demonstrations on body and personality archetypes
Working with injuries and limitations
Teaching & discussion on the Bhagavad Gita

Sunday, March 17
11:30am – 5pm
A Life Long Practice
Wisdom tips – how to sustain our body and mind in a daily Practice
Physical sustainability
Class Flow – teaching Flow in a manner that “flows”
Balancing verbal and physical adjustments and teachings
“All is Coming” (Guruji) – What is coming?
The unfolding of the practice
The Plateau: Ways to inspire your practice and your students
Teaching & discussion on the Bhagavad Gita
Dedication Puja – vows of a Sadhaka (someone who follows a particular sadhana, or a way of life designed to realize the goal of one’s ultimate…)
Full weekend  $300
Friday night    $  60
Saturday        $150
Sunday          $150

12 hours workshop
3 yoga classes (during weekend)
Curriculum binder – Sadhana Manual

Registration is limited:  949.246.7315 or

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