Sunday Conference 2.24.13

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana...

Review of Snake Year 
 Code Word:  Consciousness 
Spirituality, responsibility of actions

Caterpillar to Butterfly!    From blob-like to Beauty!  
Imaginal cells are the blank slates of all possibilities

Who/What is “Buddha?” – I am awake!

When are we most mindful?  When we have an injury; we remain present to our limitations.

Thoreau ‘s “Walden Pond” … Diana’s “Walden Pond” journal in Thailand
…"to the woods; seek the essential facts of living; suck out the marrow of life; living is so dear; live deeply and sturdily; cut a broad swath of life!”

Rise to consciousness – be present; quiet ourselves to sit quietly; be with nature.

Where is your “Walden Pond?”  Perhaps our mat?  Training our minds to be here and now; let everything else go; live deliberately.

Years of Dragon and Snake:  Chaturanga (exhale); hold, strength, good structure.
Add: Dharana (concentration) from base of spine to crown of head
Add:  Mantra.  A visual image, a word…

Mindful of your brain and body.
Code Words:  Mindful - Mindless

Weekly Message

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