Sunday Conference 3.10.13

Notes from our Sunday conference with Diana...

ASANA- Chaturanga and Up Dog/Cobra

Year of Dragon – Chaturanga (stirha/strength)
Year of Snake – Up Dog/Cobra (Dharana/concentration/consciousness)

Be mindful
stay present
why hurry?
breath deeply

“Snake-Dog/Cobra” demos by Eric Berg

#1 – open, widen and expose heart area, lengthen spine,
legs/feet engaged, shoulders away from ears, hands flat, dharana

#2 – Entrance is all of the above, except to drop hips,
fully active feet and pull heart area forward

Lines of energy:  chest, spine, hips, legs/feet

Who?  1832 – 1898 – a writer, photographer, logician, mathematician?
Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland:  about self discovery, a hero’s journey, open to possibilities

Homework:  Read or watch Alice in Wonderland to inspire your “muchness.

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