Sunday Conference 3.17.13

Notes from our Sunday conference with Diana...

Years of Dragon and Snake – Balance of Stirha/sukha
Einstein’s “Imagination” – imaginal cells
Thoreau’s “Walden Pond” – live consciously; every corner of our lives
Carroll’s – “Nothing is impossible”

Alice in Wonderland- “your muchness” – self-discovery/open to possibilities

Snake Dog/Cobra
3 lines of energy:  chest area, spine and hips
Heart opening – courageous, mild anti-depressant, joy and happiness

Be mindful –breath deeply– lengthen spine – deepen bend in back area – stay present

Add:  “Research” (stretching) - prior to your practice
Hip/hip flexor opener – Hanumanasana – breath deeply

Our practice can heal our mind and body; it is our “medicine”
Opening Chant: …
" who teaches the knowledge of the Self that awakens us to great happiness,
 who is the Jungle Physician and dispeller of the poison of conditioned existence”

Diana’s Storytelling:  
In graduate school, under tremendous stress = physical malady = meds
Dianas’s remedy:  
No meds; bathtub soaking, Calvin & Hobbs books, comedic readings (ha!)  = cured!
Lighten up – be silly – be joyous – be happy – be fun

Homework and weekly messages:
Be a little bonkers this week.  Laugh.  Make someone laugh.  Dare to be silly.
Imagine 6 impossible things this week – preferably before breakfast.  
Recite them all day, all week.


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