Sunday Conference 3.3.13

Notes from our Sunday conference with Diana...

Did you visit your Walden Pond this week?  
Did you remain mindful, articulate and present in the moment?

What does it mean to “live deliberately?” – be present, raise your consciousness

Diana storytelling  
A friend who longed to paint, but did not feel she had enough talent.  Her friend engaged a teacher/artist.  The teacher had a copy of one-half of the face of an elephant.   She asked her student to create/paint the other side of the face.  The result was an incredibly beautiful painting.  With the help of mindfulness, articulation and being present, anything is possible.

Experience the “full juice” of your practice.  Why yoga?  The physicality – full range of motion; de-stressor – live in the moment

Seek and find your “Walden Pond” in every corner of your life
 – breathe it in with awareness and consciousness.

Embrace those “little things” that set you on a path to freedom.

Weekly Message

“Renaissance man” – Michelangelo – 1475 – 1564 – a sculptor, painter, poet
Creativity with imagination – that block of stone – what lies within us?

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