Sunday Conference 3.31.13

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana...

This month’s overview:

The significance of Snake Year – Consciousness/Awareness - (4th through 7th chakras) –
Your biggest and highest self – mindfulness 

Discussions:  Butterfly transformation (Tao de Ching 78th passage); Imaginal cells; Einstein’s “imagination is everything,” Dr. Seuss (read your favorite book); Thoreau’s Walden Pond (seek your quiet corner of your world, enjoy nature, live deliberately); and Alice in Wonderland (dream the impossible, self discovery, hero’s journey and your “muchness”).

Pose of year:  Snake/Dog – 3 lines of energy:  heart area, spine and hip flexors

Researching (stretching)
·      Lunges prior to your practice – opens and lengthens hip flexors
·      Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana) – opens and lengthens hip flexors
(place block between shoulders, opens up thoracic area)

Add:  Basketball (EasterBall):  place in mid-back area – opens lower-to-mid back/heart areas 
 Opens lines of energy between base of spine to crown chakra (sushumna nadi).

What does Easter or Springtime mean to you?    
Resurrection, Renewal, open to change, new chapter in one’s life.

Homework and weekly messages:

Continue researching poses prior to your practice

“Practice Resurrection” ~ Wendell Berry
(Mad Farmer Liberation Front Manifesto)

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