Sunday Conference 4.14.13

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana...

Let’s review …  
Moving into the depth of your practice with meditation and breath …
Sadhana and Abayasa

Pose of year:  Snake/Dog – 3 lines of energy:  
Heart area, spine and hip flexors, opening and lengthening the front of your body; increase AND lengthen inhalation (inhale …inhale … inhale…), soften heart and hip areas

Pre-practice openers - “Researching” (stretching) -
Lunges prior to your practice – opens and lengthens hip flexors

Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana) – opens and lengthens hip flexors
(place block between shoulders, opens up thoracic area)

 Basketball (EasterBall):  place in mid-back area – opens lower-to-mid back/heart areas- opens lines of energy between base of spine to crown chakra 
      (sushumna nadi).

 Add to Supta Virasana:  If your hip flexors are tight, lie back into Supta Virasana with one knee bent; add block placed between hip area opposite of bent knee; breathe deeply.  Repeat on other side.

ADD resistance work to open shoulders and pectoral areas. 
Stand facing against the wall;  
Raise right arm shoulder height (palm of hand flat against wall); 
turn head to left and place ear onto wall; 
gentle resistance work of shoulder area and palm of hand.  
Repeat on left side.

NEW to our site:  look for articles on how to alleviate stress, 
depression, sleep disorders, etc.

Homework and weekly message:

Continue researching poses prior to your practice – Breathe deeply – be present

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