Sunday Conference 4.21.13

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana...

Review:  Dragon (strength) and Snake (higher consciousness) 
– strengthen/lengthen + breath

The three lines of energy:  heart area; spine and hip flexors

Focus on:  being powerful; higher self; being present; being mindful; making good choicesDiscipline; Ride the breathtrain your mind/change your brain

Pre-practice openers - “Researching” (stretching):
·      Lunges;
·      Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana): add block;
·      Basketball:  place in mid-back area;
·      Supta Virasana:  one knee bent; add block to opposing side;
·      Resistance work against wall (shoulder and pectoral areas opener);
·      Snake/Dog:  be mindful of proper feet placement to open hip area; relax buttocks; press tops of feet onto mat; toes and heels aligned
·      ADD:  Ushtrasana (camel pose).  Fully engage legs; hips forward and roll outer gluts inward


Continue researching poses prior to your practice – Breathe deeply – Be present

Weekly Message:  

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