Sunday Conference 4.7.13

Notes for our Sunday Conference with Diana...

April 7, 2013 

The significance of Snake Year 

4th through 7th chakras
Live Life BIG 
mindfulness vs. mindlessness
open to all possibilities
enjoy little moments

Pose of year:  Snake/Dog – 3 lines of energy:  heart area, spine and hip flexors
Increase AND lengthen inhalation (inhale …inhale … inhale…), soften heart and hip areas

Move into the depth of your practice through pratyahara, dharana; dhyana and samadhi.
Instills and evokes acceptance, forgiveness, living “exposed”, to LOVE and be loved.

Sadhana”:  Your practice; your liberation;  a gift; an imprint into your own being…
Abayasa” :  Your commitment to a LIFELONG practice –keep dancing

“Researching” (stretching)
  •   Lunges prior to your practice – opens and lengthens hip flexors
  •   Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana) – opens and lengthens hip flexors (place block between shoulders, opens up thoracic area)
  •   Basketball (EasterBall):  place in mid-back area – opens lower-to-mid back/heart areas; opens lines of energy between base of spine to crown chakra (sushumna nadi).

ADD to Supta Virasana:  If your hip flexors are tight, lie back into Supta Virasana with one knee bent; add block placed between hip area opposite of bent knee; breathe deeply.   Change sides.  

Homework and weekly message:

Continue researching poses prior to your practice – Breathe deeply

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