Laura's 10 Little Things

"The little things in life aren't so little."  
Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamanda

Laura has been practicing at Pacific Ashtanga since April of 2006 and began teaching at the shala in the summer of 2010. As a CMT and yoga teacher, Laura is grateful to facilitate the light through energy-healing massage and the beautiful tradition of Ashtanga yoga.

          Laura’s 10 Little Things

My beautiful son growing inside me
My boyfriend's infectious smile
The light in students’ eyes at the end of practice
Catching a wave that seemed too big to paddle into
The freedom of riding on a quad on an offbeat road
A dog’s excitement and love when greeting you
Being a facilitator of healing, assisting others in feeling good
Red wine and dark chocolate with sea salt
Taking an unexpected moment to talk with a friend or stranger
Seeing the good in each person and knowing we are all connected

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