Sunday Conference 6.16.13

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana

June 16, 2013
Happy Father’s Day

Review:  Refining movement; practice economy of movement and stirha/sukha

“Prayer-thread” drishti:  about 8 - 10” on the floor in front of you;
second point of connection are your feet – very strong and light

Sitbones turned slightly inward.  Bandhas engaged - belly strong.  Move from your center. Articulate – focus - be present – lines of energy – mind training

Example 1:  Lotus.  Imagine a “box” around the areas of your sitbones and bandhas.  Engage and move everything inward, feet flexed - tight and compact – aware of lines of energy – push/pull.

Example 2:  bungee cord.  Tightly roll up a towel.  Toss it around and soon it will open up.  Then tightly roll up the towel again; but this time, wrap a bungee cord around it.  You can throw it around like a football without it ever opening up.  Bandhas are magical bungees…

Yearly Theme:  A mindful practice (vs. mindless practice)

Studies regarding neuroplasticity and mindtraining.  
Jon Kabat-Zinn and two other neuroscientists were at a medical conference.  They presented examples of healthy, as well as health-challenged brains.  An attendee inquired, “how do I get from that unhealthy brain to the healthy one?”  Kabat-Zinn’s reply astounded the audience when he replied, “meditation can be a very positive factor toward a healthier brain."                                                                                         


Be mindful with gracefulness and lightness in your practice – focus

Think of the gifts you receive or have received from your Dad.  
Practice gratitude.

Weekly Message:

In observation of Summer Solstice

by Christina Countryman

In recognition of the blessings of being alive on this beautiful planet
With great gratitude I honor the four directions.

To the east and all that lay in that direction …
May the air and oceans enfold you in glorious beauty.
And all creatures thrive upon your shores in health and harmony.
Blessed be.

To the south and all that lay in that direction …
May your mountains and rivers wash clean water to the sea.
And your lakes and forests shelter all who dwell there.
Blessed be.

To the west and all that lay in that direction …
May the big sky of your plains sparkle with crystal clarity.
And gift all life with healing rains and glorious sunshine.
Blessed be.

To the north and all that lay in that direction …
May your midnight sun shine upon a planet filled with hope.
And the possibility of a peaceful world be made real.
Blessed be.

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