Sunday Conference 8.11

Sunday Conference with Diana
August 11, 2013

Review from last week’s new semester of study:

Prana (also known as “Chi” or “Ki”) – energy, life force
Increase the inhalation and attention to deep, full breaths (smooth, strong and gentle)
Chakras – energy centers – the human body contains 7 energy centers and 72,000 energy meridians.
Bandhas – body locks keeping the energy “in” and centered (working from inside out)

·       Mula bandha, contraction of the perineum
·       Uddiyana bandha, contraction of the abdominal muscles about 3” below navel

Example:  fold a towel and throw it across the room; watch while it unfolds.  Use a bungee cord wrapped around the folded towel and watch it remain intact as it flies across the room.  Bungee cord vis-à-vis your bandhas, keeps your energy in and centered.

Engaging the bandhas helps strengthen the lower back, balance and disgestion

Which asanas afford best practice for engaging the bandhas?  Hollow out belly, move ribs in toward spine and sit bones.  Be mindful of the asana’s entrance and exit.
  • ·      Downdog
  • ·      Forward bends
  • ·      Prasarita Padottanasana
  • ·      Upavishta Konasana

“Dantian” - martial arts principles of energy centering or life force.  Intentional movement (careful, flowing, balanced); Rhythmic breathing (slow, deep, fluidity); focus; softness; center of gravity; powerful

Weekly Messages:

“A yogi’s life is not measured by the number of days, but by the number of breaths.”

~ BKS Iyengar – Light on Yoga ~

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