Sunday Conference 9.1

Sunday Conference with Diana...

September 1, 2013

What are we studying this semester?  PRANA

·      Prana (also known as “Chi” or “Ki”) – energy, life force
Increase the inhalation and attention to deep, full breaths (smooth, strong and gentle)

·      Chakras – energy centers – the human body contains 7 energy centers and 72,000
energy meridians.

·      Bandhas – body locks keep the energy “in” and centered (working from inside out)
·      Mula bandha (root) - contraction of the perineum
·      Uddiyana bandha (flying upward), contraction of the abdominal muscles about 3” below navel

“Locking” the bandhas = lightness, steadiness, focus and influences the body patterns through the mind.  Improves balance in life’s perspectives; less distraction, more focus and centering.

Ujjayi breath is the most powerful of breath work in that it efficiently moves the prana to the edges of body.  

Vinyasa creates internal heat/fire, makes us mindful of the locking systems, strengthens/lengthens muscles.  Psychology of our practice: if not focused, our minds are scattered, stressful and we experience low energy.

Pranayama (stretching the breath).  Allow the breath to lead the asana.  Sometimes we “drink” too much in the beginning and nothing is left at the end.   Lengthen and stretch the breath out while keeping the energy in.

Vayu is “wind/air”  There are 5 vital forces of prana:  Udana (throat/speech); prana (chest/heart); samana (central/digestion); apana (lower abdomen/elimination) and vyana (all energies).  Our practice focuses on Prana vayu and Apana vayu

Practice:  “Sippy-cup” technique to move the prana up and down sushumna nadi moving through each chakra from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  5 inhalations/exhalations – fluid, quiet, strong.

Homework:  Read first 2 chapters of Viktor Frankl’s, “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

This semester’s conferences will refer to Caroline Myss’s, “Anatomy of the Spirit.”  Read up!

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