Sunday Conference 9.15

Sunday Conference with Diana...

September 15, 2013

Let’s review:   PRANA – energetic breath/life force – Ashtanga is a pranic practice

Why is yoga healthy for us?
1.      Keeps the skeletal system; bone mass healthy with weight-bearing asanas; maintains a healthy spine.
2.     Keeps the muscular system (ligaments/tendons) strong, mobile and flexible.
3.     Keeps the body fluids moving with breath, movement, sweating.
4.     Spirit.  Essence of who we are; our emotional and physical lives

Chakras – energy centers – the human body contains 7 energy centers 
and 72,000 energy meridians (electrical system)

Study our “spirit body” with knowledge of the 7 chakras.  Paraphrase from Myss’s “Anatomy of the Spirit” re: chakras:  “Data banks in our bodies where you invest your spirit.”

Overview of the Foreword, Preface and Introduction of “Anatomy of the Spirit.”

Body + Mind + Breath + Spirit = create more focus and can be a mood stabilizer


Please read Chapter 1

Weekly Messages:

“The U. S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit
of it; you have to catch up with it yourself.”

~ Benjamin Franklin ~ 

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