Sunday Conference 9.29

Our Sunday Conference with Diana...

September 29, 2013

Pay attention to your energy daily.  Where are you investing your energy?

Refer to YouTube for “Energetics of Healing” sessions with Caroline Myss:

Refer to the diagram on Page 55 on how you spend your energy.  If your energy is gone, from where do you replenish it?  You could “borrow” energy from your cells or other places.

Symbolic Insights:
1.     Life challenges as meaning (lower chakras);  where you lose your power;
2.     Ability to evaluate emotional and physical experiences;
3.     On a daily basis, evaluate your energy;
4.     Where are you “leaking” energy?  (Seven Sacred Truths);
5.     What (not who?) draws power from you?;
6.     Move through your wounds, and not LIVE in it.  Own it.

Seven Sacred Truths.  Overview of the parallel among Chakras, Sacrament and Tree of Life.

Koshas:  Moving from outside inward.  Annamaya (body); Pranamaya (breath, air); Manomaya (mind); Vijnamaya (wisdom); and Anandamaya (bliss).

Similar to the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga:  External are the lower chakras; Internal are higher chakras.

1.     Muladhara – culture, tribal, familial;
2.     Swadhisthana – honor one another; friendships;
3.     Manipura – honor yourself; self esteem and respect; acknowledge the quality of the person you are;
4.     Anahata – authentic love
5.     Vishuda – self expression, surrender will power, spiritual stability;
6.     Ajna – seek only the truth,   ask “why” questions, evolve spiritually; and
7.     Sahasrara – Live in the present moment

Read Part II, Chapter 1

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