Sunday Conference 12.22

Notes from our Sunday Conference with Diana...

December 22, 2013

What are some of your family holiday rituals?  Below represent our 1st chakra – Muladhara – our Tribe and Family togetherness that brings warmth and familiarity.

Singing Christmas carols;
Traditional gifts for children and up to adulthood (pajamas);
Family watching sunsets together;
Traditional dishes.

Special gift from Diana:

“Know your personal power and make good choices.”   Story-telling of Hanuman.  Let the sea glass remind you for your power.

Remember your power trumps everything; sprinkle it with gratitude, love, joy.

Special Holiday Message:

10 Blessings
·      May your yoga practice be a gift to you your entire life.
·      May the practice sustain your health and give you moments of transformation.
·      May you wake up and feel inspired and passionate.
·      May you choose to see the miracles that occur in your life.
(the big ones as well as the little ones)
·      May you always feel loved.
·      May you always have enough love to give.
·      May you wake up in the morning expecting something wonderful to happen.
(and if it doesn’t happen by noon, make it happen – Swifty Lazar)
·      May you believe in the impossible.
·      May the practice and the Shala always be your sacred space.
·      May you have Strength and Grace for all that your life has to give you.

“When all the desires are distilled, you will cast just two votes:
To love more and to be happy.”  - Hafiz

May the Holiday Season bring you an abundance of love and happiness!!!
Love ~ Diana

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