Sunday Conference 1.12.14

Sunday Conference with Diana

January 12, 2014

The 3 D’s – Discipline, Dedication and Devotion


A lineage; specific form of yoga we study; a science …
It is an aspect of being committed to something, like a regular practice.

Story of Guruji.  Taught for over 64 years.  He passed at 93 years of age.  His guru was Krishnamacharya; who was also guru for Iyengar.  Iyengar is a static practice using blocks, props, straps, etc.

Ashtanga is a vinyasa system of synchronized breath and movement.  Guruji described it as a “mala thread” that is continually connected – a dynamic practice – of orchestrated movement.

An interview with Guruji in Ashtanga New York cited his belief of ashtanga – just practice.

As a new student, we may be more goal-oriented to learn the sequence of poses and to “get it.”  After practicing for about 5 years, one can truly begin to understand the practice – a holistic one; a mind practice.
1.      Learn vinyasa;
2.     Do it correctly with proper breath and mindfulness.

Weekly Messages

Ashtanga Yoga is a Discipline that requires discipline.

Simple words of wisdom from our teacher, Patabhi Jois – lovingly Guruji:

“When the breath control is correct, mind control is possible.”

“Body is not stiff.  Mind is stiff.”

“You can take practice.  Don’t talk.”

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