Sunday Conference 1.26.14

Sunday Conference with Diana

January 26, 2014

The 3 D’s – Discipline, Dedication and Devotion

Chinese New Year – January 31, 2014 – Year of the Horse.  
Homework:  What are your intentions?

How are you devoted to yourself?  What promises will you make and keep to yourself?

Read Karen Kingston’s “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui.” Energy clearing. 
As T.K.V. Desikachar comments in The Heart of Yoga, “rid yourself of the rubbish.”

Devotion:  a spiritual commitment to yourself and others; a heart practice; a place of love; self-realization;  Demonstration of being your best self.  Choose love.  Take ownership of your personal practice.
Guruji’s YouTube:

“One method, yoga method: asana, pranayama, pratiyahara – this is all one type method. That is why yoga is important. That is universal, not one man’s property. This is not one country’s property. This is universal. Yoga is universal.

Yoga not physically purpose, no! This is internal yoga, internal cleaning. Yoga internal cleansing, internal exercise – not external exercising. Yoga means – you, self-knowledge. Self-knowledge, this is the method.

Asana, you start. You take asana, more asana, asana, asana, asana. Much asana is there. The more asana you do, good strength and stamina. Your energy is increasing everyday, everyday. Your mind is also correctly standing. This is yoga method. Abhyasa (constant and determined study or practice). You can take practice. Don’t talk.

95% practice, 5% theory. Now people’s 99 and half percent theory, half-percent practice. No, no good.  Practice this very bad. Discipline means you can take yoga practice. First your stamina, you get it first. Your body strength, you get it. Body means three types of body…external body, internal body, spiritual body. That is three types of body strength. You get it only from yoga practice with breathing system with vinyasas all included.

So breathing is very important. Without breathing, the spiritual body is not coming, spiritual mind also is not coming. Breathing means that way is the method. (1) Ekam (2) Dve (3) Trini, that is vinyasa, that is called vinyasa – inhalation, exhalation. One type of time: 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 15 seconds.  Inhale 10 seconds, exhale 10 seconds. inhale 15 seconds, exhale 15 seconds – same method you follow.”

Weekly Messages

“You taking long practice.  Not one, two, or five years – You taking looooooong practice,
then you are understanding.” 
~ Guruji ~

Guru:  the remover of darkness, teacher.

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