Sunday Conference 4.13.14

Sunday Conference with Diana...

April 13, 2014


Review:    Challenge yourself; deepen your practice and raising your level of consciousness.

How are you doing on your “One Year Challenge?”
  • ·      Practice every day – whatever our practice consists of (6 days/week or 5 days/week when Moon Day)
  • ·      2-minute gratitude meditation  - think of 3 things you are grateful for …

Review of practice methods from previous conferences:

  • ·      “Holding” vinyasa for a quick moment to be present; articulate
  • ·      Breathe into the “corners” or “edges” of your body; elongation of spine; engage
  • ·      Drishti – specific gazing point
  • ·      Remain in the present moment

Today’s practice will add:
  • ·      Bandhas – engage your “locks” – practice agni sara daily; keeps back healthy and part of our tradition
  • ·      Drishti – There are 9 drishtis called Nava Dristis: 

            Angustha ma dyai -  "to the middle of the thumb” – as in Suryanamaskara

  Broomadhya - "to the middle of the eyebrows/brow" - has the gaze set at the "third eye"

            Nasagrai - to the tip of the nose, has the eyes fixed on the tip of the nose.

            Hastagrai - "the taking of the hand" – as in Trikonasana

            Parsva - "the side - involves looking to the left or right side.

            Urdhva -  "above" or "rising" - eyes pointing upwards, to the sky – as in Utkatasana

            Nābi chakra -  "to the (magical) navel-circle" – as in Adho Mukha Svanasana

            Padhayoragrai - "to the tips of the feet, gazing to the toes.”

Weekly Messages

Thank you for supporting me in celebrating the changes. ~ Diana

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