Sunday Conference 5.18.14

Sunday Conference with Diana

May 18, 2014

The Journey … Why hurry?

Find perfection in the imperfections …

Refinement  – 100% commitment to our practice – growth and awareness

1.     Tapas – the alchemy of transformation
2.     Small tweaks – subtle changes in our physical practice as well as the mental practice
3.     Remain present – get out of auto-pilot – here; now

Emphasize bigger breath with each pose, perhaps eliminate “research” poses

90% of the time do your practice; 10% of the time be mindful of your refinement techniques
Challenge yourself with your external and internal process; precision; how does this pose serve you on your journey?

The most difficult and challenging part of the practice is the “head games.”  Wherever you go, there you are!

Storytelling:  Guruji at a workshop several years past; room was packed with over 100 students.
Like a conductor in an orchestra, Guruji was VERY succinct about the pace and rhythm of the breath and flow.  All students were very mindful, remaining present as each count was called out.  However, one student was always one pose ahead of the rest of the students.  Finally, in exasperation, Guruji stopped the count, moved through the room and up to the student.  His question was simple, “why hurry????”  Wherever you go, there you are!

Weekly Message

“Why Hurry????”    ~ Guruji

There is no destination in yoga – only the journey.

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