Sunday Conference 6.15.14

Sunday Conference with Diana

June 15, 2014

Review of past conferences and “…the thread ~ the mala

1.     Guruji’s quote:  “practice, practice, practice … all is coming.”
2.     Refinement – 3-point practice – hands/feet/bandhas ~ all engaged
3.     Strength and grace (sthira bhaga)
4.     Tristana – breath, drishti, bandhas .  In our daily practice, be mindful to move toward strength, grace and focus
5.     The element of water – fluidity (“control” your movement around challenges/hurdles)

Our practice is vinyasa-based.  Thread each bead with each breath.
Elements:  “fire” – heat; “earth” – grounding; “water” – fluidity (adaptability to change with grace; to move “around” the “rock/the challenge.”

The visual is the “mala,” the thread is the “breath,” and the beads are the asana and vinyasa.

TENACITY – your inner strength

Storytelling:  Diana’s papa, Howard.  Never giving up; determined; humble with strength …

The “gifts” for you in your practice is to just show up on your mat ~ with consistency, discipline and commitment.  Your own practice ~ your own spiritual growth ~  remain present


What “piece” of your practice challenges you?  Practice non-attachment ~ be present ~ move past it with fluidity and equality.   Keep in mind:  “Easy to teach, difficult to practice…”

Weekly Message

“Let me tell you the secret that had led me to my goal. 
My strength is in my tenacity.”

~ Louis Pasteur ~

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