Sunday Conference 6.22.14

Sunday Conference with Diana

June 22, 2014


Chusang Rinpoche’s visit and weekend program
Billy Blank’s grand opening 4th of July weekend
Parking areas – parking areas north of Shala, on the street

Review…the mala - the thread – the beads

The visual is the “mala,” the thread is the “breath,” and the beads are the asana/ vinyasa.
 “Thread” each bead with each breath – a continual flow of breath and mindfulness – be present

Practice “ayama” with the inhalations and exhalations are equal in intensity and length

72,000 meridians in the body; breath and movement assist to remove the blockages (gruntis)

Vayu – direction of wind – inhalation (upward) and exhalation (downward)
Move the energy up and down the shusumna nadi -  “highway” (the spine)

Practice “sthirabhaga” – strength and grace – peaceful facial features – gentleness

The element of water – fluidity (“control” your movement around challenges/hurdle). 
Fluidity – dancing with breath and vibrant energy (feng liu)

Weekly Message

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