Sunday Conference 8.3.14

Sunday Conference with Diana...

August 3, 2014

Our practice is our “medicine” – svadyaya – self study
“Heart of Yoga” is a MUST for your svadyaya library

Paths toward self-realization – being a better person
Why are you on your yoga mat?

Ashta=Eight   Anga=Limb   Yoga=Union
“Yama” = ethical disciplines (how you are in the world)
“Niyama” = self-observation (how you honor yourself)
“Asana” = posture (hatha = sun & moon)
“Pranayama” = breath control – chi, life breath, energy
“Pratyahara” = sensory withdrawal (no distractions – focus on dristhi and breath
“Dharana” = concentration – hold your mind, remain present in the moment
“Dhyana” = meditation
“Samadhi” = happiness and goodness

What is your “mission statement” for your life?

Weekly Message

The Tao turns the tides
and changes caterpillars into butterflies.
Do you truly believe that it has less magic,
mystery or meaning in store for you?

Pay attention to what within you
is beginning to awaken.
The caterpillar can feel the essence
of the butterfly
even before it begins to emerge.

Remember, butterflies are never
born on the ground.
This type of total transformation occurs only after
an arduous climb up the trunk of the tree
and a perilous trip out onto the barest branch.
Risk is the cost
of attaining anything of real value.

Create your own chrysalis of consciousness;
a protective cocoon in which
you realize yourself more wholly.
Dawning as a radiant light,
awakening others in the same way.

Tao de Ching 78th Passage (As translated by Dorien Israel)

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