Sunday Conference 10.12.14

Sunday Conference with Maria…

October 12, 2014

Let's continue the discussion of "Vinyasa"

TRISTANA - union of breath/vinyasa; drishti;bandhas

DRISHTI - focal/gazing points - aids in concentration and focus

1.  Nasagram - tip of nose;
2.  Bhrumadhya - between the eyebrows;
3.  nabhi chakra - navel;
4.  hasta - hand;
5.  pada - toes;
6.  parsvha - far to right or left;
7.  angushthamadhyam - thumbs (as in sun saluations).

CHATURANGA DANDASANA - keep your shoulders, elbows and wrists healthy.

1.  Avoid "pinching" the shoulders together.  Roll your shoulders inward to open up the upper back area.  Pull your heart area through.
2.  Avoid sinking your torso below the elbow level (and buttocks in the air) as it puts undue stress on the elbow joints.  Keep elbows close to body (no chicken wings, please!)
3.  For proper weight distribution, fully engage your legs.
4.  Distribute your weight to the base of the fingers and finger tips so the palm of your hand does not carry all the weight.

Focus on big, deep breaths to cleanse and detox all organs.


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