Sunday Conference 10.5.14

Sunday Conference with Diana…

October 5, 2014

We continue to study Vinyasa... As it is the heart of the practice, and to study Ashtanga means to study vinyasa.

Traditionally, ashtanga student would take one led class a week, and Mysore classes on the other days. In Mysore class, one asana is given at a time and it's taught by giving a vinyasa for every movement, as every asana has a specific number of vinyasas.

Every vinyasa is meant to accomplish something specific... For example, in pashimotanasana, you start with inhale and as you look up, you stretch and engage your bandas; then you exhale into the asana and stay for 4 inhales and exhales; then inhale, look up and engage your bandas before releasing...

Vinyasa helps to stay fully engaged in your body... And mind... To keep your internal fire, to keep your moving meditation...

If you stay in every vinyasa with articulation, you will feel the energy of the practice...

... So please don't dink around!

You will get more benefits from your practice if stay more present, 
focused, and articulate every vinyasa!

Weekly Message:

One's personal theology should not be complicated.

~ Be consistent:  live what you believe.
~ Change is constant.  Every life goes through phases of difficult change, as well as peace.  Learn to go with the flow
of change rather than try to stop change from occurring.
~ Never look to another person to make you happy - happiness is an internal, personal attitude and responsibility.
~ Life is essentially a learning experience.  Every situation, challenge, and relationship contains some message
worth learning or teaching to others.
~ Positive energy works more effectively than negative energy in each and every situation.
~ Live in the present moment, and practice foregiveness of others.

Excerpt from Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

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