Sunday Conference 9.28.14

Sunday Conference with Diana...

September 28, 2014

Last Semester - Backbending – opening the FRONT of your body.

Open to your tallest, biggest, widest self ~ “Roll and Unroll” the paper

Become the “looking bird”

Vinyasas – where in your practice can you take your inhalation to a
Truly BIG inhale, feet/legs engaged, heart/throat area open wide

What defines our practice?  Ashtanga is a breath practice.  However, the specificity of the sequence of breath and movement demonstrates its unique system – VINYASA.

Vinyasa – specific sequence of synchronized breath and movement as an 
entrance and exit of the asana.  Articulate your vinyasa; it is very precise.

Keep your mindfulness and focus in your practice. 
Dance beautifully; moving deeper into your practice.
Articulate each movement with full deep breaths and extension.

There are NO “hybrid” asanas in Ashtanga… don’t miss out on the full inhalation
and full exhalation of each vinyasa and each asana


Are you focused, mindful and present?

Weekly Message

How do you show up?
Are you focused?  Are you mindful?

Take your “medicine” of full breaths and movement

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