Sunday Conference 11.30.14

Sunday Conference with Diana

November 30, 2014

Must reads:
"The Alchemist" ~ Paolo Coelho
"Buddha is as Buddha Does" ~ Surya Lama Das
What is a boddhisatva?  It is a servant; one who helps to improve the quality
of life for others; selflessness; pure hearted goodness and kindness.

What are the "gifts" of the practice?  Sustainability/Transformation of healthfulness

HEALTH - (1) Physical and (2) Spiritual

a.  our bones need weight bearing activity;
b.  stretches and lengthens our muscles, ligaments and tendons;
c.  we become more sensitive to what is happening to our body;
d.  improves circulation and digestion;
e.  cleanses internal organs (yoga chikitsa);
f.   breathwork - pranic energy

a.  neuro-science of a moving meditation;
b.  being present - You are Here;
c.  responding vs. reactionary;
d.  peacefulness

This is a lifetime practice, in whatever form best serves you and your body.


David Swenson had a student who suffered from severe backpain.  After a period
of practicing,  the student told him that she was still suffering from backpain; that the
practice had not alleviated her pain.

David shared with her a hypothetical:  What if I told you that your body will not improve or change, that you would continue to have back pain.  Would you still show up for your practice?

Ask yourself?  Would you?

Mat in the Middle Demonstration:

Trikonasana (twisted triangle):

Lower back is flat;
Lengthen from the base of the spine to top of head;
Twist from the upper spine (not the lower spine);
keep hips square;
align the top hand and the lower hand (may require shortening your stance and placing your bottom hand up vs. even with foot)

What serves your body better?

Weekly Message:

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious."  ~ Albert Einstein


Continue with writing down what you are grateful for ...

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