Sunday Conference 12.14.14

Sunday Conference with Diana...

December 14, 2014

Continuing with the "Gifts of the Practice" - health maintenance

"You taking long practice.  Not one, two or five years -
You taking long practice, then you are understanding."
~ Guruji

Abayasa - discipline, dedication to our practice

Articulate mindfulness:  rooting your hands and feet
Strength, grace, refinement

Guruji interview:

#1 - Stamina - strength; strong - strengthens internal, external and spiritual bodies
through vinyasa, breath, focus and improved mental and physical health

Primary series - yoga chakitsa - yoga therapy; yoga chikitsa
One can lose muscle mass as soon as two week's time - practice regularly

Remain present - don't talk and drop a "thread" in your practice by "dinking around" (Diana euphemism)
Don't be "lazy" - engage your legs, bandhas, root hands and feets; energetically move to your "edge."

Mat in the Middle Demonstration:

Pull throughs:  3 count before pulling through and sitting down; firmly plant hands, engage bandhas, round your belly.
Practice ... all is coming ...

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