Sunday Conference 3.29.15

Sunday Conference with Diana

March 29, 2015

Practice to make your zen mind “heaven” 
Nourish your “beautiful” mind with the calmer, more peaceful part of yourself.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”
~ John Milton, Paradise Lost

Are you the “looking” bird – quietly observing
or the “gobbling” bird? – reactionary; active?

30-Day Challenge (3/8 – 4/7)
Daily seated 3-minute meditation (mind-training) with a friend, family member

Guruji’s Method:  latter 4 limbs of our Ashtanga practice –
Pratyahara ~ dharana ~ dhyana ~ samadhi

Suggested reading:  “Happiness Advantage” Shawn Achor
Did you read Principle #3 – The Tetris Effect?
  How do you “wire” your brain?  What is your reality?
Do you make good choices? Pay attention? Remain present?

Daily mind training to create neuro pathways:    “Happiness,” “Gratitude” and “Optimism”

“The quality of our mind becomes the quality of our life” ~ Diana

Weekly Message

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