Sunday Conference 4.5.15

Sunday Conference with Diana

April 5, 2015

The “Revolution” - Continue your practice to make your zen mind “heaven” 

 How’d you do with 3-minute seated meditation - 30-Day Challenge?

 “Happiness Advantage” Shawn Achor

Did you read Principle #3 – The Tetris Effect?
  How do you “wire” your brain?  What is your reality?
Do you make good choices? Pay attention? Remain present?

Principle #4 – Falling Up – Mental “mapping” and tenacity
1.  Keep doing the same routine (no change; you end where you started)
2.  The routine becomes negative (far worse off)
3.  Third Path – leads us from failure to being stronger and more capable than before

Daily mind training to create neuro pathways:    
“Happiness,” “Gratitude” and “Optimism”


Springtime puja - Gratitude meditation – 4/6-6/21
Have each small, colorful stone represent a person you are grateful for and/or
Gratitude for all the beauty and peace in your life

Weekly Messages

“Practice Resurrection.” ~ Wendell Berry

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