Sunday Conference 6.28.15

Sunday Conference with Diana

June 28, 2015

Special Shala Events/Workshops for Nepal Fundraiser 
10th Anniversary July 5th
 Puja (bring flower)
       Potluck – bring your favorite dish or dessert

Mind training ~ a higher state of being ~ a better version of yourself
A beautiful mind – a beautiful brain
Pratyahara – sensory withdrawal, no distractions
Dharana – “Dhar” – to hold – concentration (focus)
Dhyana – meditation – connection to a particular object (direction)
Samadhi – One with the Supreme, peacefulness, joy

“The quality of our minds becomes the quality of our lives.” 
~ Diana

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” 
~ John Milton

Tristana – breath, drishti & vinyasa

Punctuation; articulation of our vinyasa
Remember:  hold in “spaces” in between your inhalations and exhalations
This is your meditation ~ remain present in this moment

Diana’s “Invitation”

How are you going to get to that next level in your practice?

Select a pose or vinyasa that will make a little shift in your practice
~ perhaps more graceful, more mindful
(Student responses:  Remain inspired ~ read ~ get out of your comfort zone)

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