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Yoga is a form of exercise proven to increase flexibility, strength, balance,concentration and breath capacity while reducing stress.
An increasing number of corporations and organizations have recognized the benefits of yoga and are providing yoga classes for their employees. Yoga in the workplace has been found to improve work efficiency and productivity, decrease absenteeism, enhance health and overall job satisfaction.
Our Program:
Pacific Core Yoga is designed to bring yoga and wellness to your workplace. Our yoga programs are based in breath, movement, strengthening and stretching while focusing the mind to help relieve stress.
Our Options for Your Company:
• Foundational Yoga: Gentle breath and movements which will promote flexibility, balance, and stress management.
• Fitness Yoga: These classes combine traditional yoga postures and exercises that focus on flexibility, strength, balance, breathing and all over body toning.
Our Packages Include:

• Complimentary introductory class

• $150 per 60 minute yoga class – offered 2 or 3 times per week 
• 4, 8 and 12 week yoga packages available

Pacific Core offers a number of different options for your company and will customize programs specific to your needs.

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