Svadyaya Sessions

Diana Christinson, Director/Instructor, 
Pacfic Ashtanga Yoga Shala, Dana Point, CA

Svadyaya Sessions

Personal session on self observation using yoga philosophy, sacred text, psychology, eastern philosophy and mythology, to bring inspiration into your daily living.
  • Create tools to bring inspiration into your daily life

  • Support and guidance through life’s transitions and transformations

  • Create a personal meditation practice

  • Personal Cleanse Programs: 
    3 days cleanse/1 week/2 week/or 30 day 

    Personal One Hour Sessions - $150 
    Call 949.246.7315 or email

Diana received her Master’s in Psychology and has combined her deep appreciation for Eastern philosophies, Mythology and meditation practices with the yoga teaching and is committed to inspiring students on their spiritual path. She lived in Asia for two years and began her yoga practice in Kyoto, Japan which influenced her lifelong studies of Eastern Philosophy. Diana intertwines the yoga philosophy and eastern traditions with psychology to inspire students to find their spiritual practice in every aspect of their lives.